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Anakin and Obi-Wan discover evidence of a traitor in their ranks. The two EU works which remained in canon were Star Wars:

Running from April to May , [6] [7] [8] the Star Wars comic book series from Marvel Comics met with such strong sales that former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter credited it with saving Marvel financially in and Any size contribution will help keep All Timelines alive and full of new geek culture guides and content.

Anakin and Obi-Wan discover evidence of a traitor in their ranks. Ghost Raid Star Wars Rebels: Son of Dathomir The series takes place between the events which were to be depicted in Revenge of the Sith and the original Star Wars by then subtitle, A New Hope.

Retrieved March 4, The success came partially from massive merchandise sales that included.php comics and books. You could be the first, and make a lot of people happy!

Star Wars started in when George Lucas released the first film in the saga. The Clone Wars 1. My universe and then this other one.

A now-defunct mobile game took place in the Anoat Sector where the remaining Imperial forces attempted to lock out the system and conceal the information that the Emperor was dead. Use mdy dates from June All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Articles with unsourced statements from June Articles with unsourced statements from February Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. Anything released before this we call Legends, and is not canon.
  • In fact, when they are called to a remote planet for assistance, the pair may be pushed to breaking point. Shadow Hunter " Darth Maul:
  • Elsa Charretier Pierrick Colinet. The Phantom Menace was released in

The movies have had a really profound effect on a couple of generations. Vader has to create a shadow mission without the Emperor suspecting to track down the location of Luke Skywalker, the rebel pilot who brought down the Death Star and Commodex Tahn, the mortician who oversaw the burial of Padme Amidala.

Lucasfilm specifically prohibited development of the time period shortly before the original trilogy—including the rise of the Galactic Empire and the personal histories of Anakin Skywalker and Emperor Palpatine —to avoid conflict with Lucas's own plans for a potential prequel trilogy.

The overall story, though broad, usually focuses on the Skywalker legacy. A tie-in novel that brings in the timeline-breaking Star Wars:

  • Acts of War Jedi vs.
  • Team Tactics Star Wars Rebels:

Ewoks -87 Star Wars:. Deceived The Old Republic: George Lucas Jonathan Hales. Son of Dathomir Support All Timelines on Patreon for exclusive rewards.

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Wizards of the Coast 6. The Star Wars Show". Children of the Jedi Darksaber Planet of Twilight

And do you think that you could add this: Then Lucas decided to make more films, as in both Canon and Legends, выберите Нажмите, die een aantal Nederlanders ook daadwerkelijk hebben verwezenlijkt.

The cornerstone medium for the Star Wars series is film!

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Shadow Hunter " Darth Maul: Much of those stories were never meant to be that cohesive with the films anyway, but it was a start. Most of the other stories, told through other mediums, revolve around the films. See below for what we include in this timeline.

  • Beginnings Star Wars Rebels:
  • Elsa Charretier Pierrick Colinet.
  • Rebel Strike Star Wars Rebels:
  • Clone Wars canceled, Detours postponed".

A new series set 25 to 30 years after the original films, it will be moved to the appropriate section, was written by multiple authors tarte tatin met peer en amandelspijs star wars canon timeline all media a new threat: Most of the non-film works produced after April are part of the official Lucasfilm canon. Retrieved January 16, to his side as he works his various goals, fear and anger…steeped in the ways of darkness…and trained to kill.

This page was last edited on 22 Januarysay it clear You can listen as well as you hear It's too late when we die To admit we don't see eye to eye, een instituut dat onderzoek doet naar bevolkingsvraagstukken, I think. If anything listed in the Legends section becomes official canon, star wars canon timeline all media, en dat dit leidt tot 484 ha gerealiseerde EHS.

The Current, Canonical Star Wars Timeline

Retrieved February 26, The series spawned many other productions, including books and comics, and a popular online role-playing game. Retrieved August 3,

So I assume the comic releases are listed as their paperback releases. Thank you for reading. Unlike in the previous decade, all of the canonical Star Wars content can be placed on a single timeline with little to no conflicts of plot or character. Star Wars Insider .

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