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Now that we have the Pegasus Boots we can return to Castor Wilds, however, there are some optional goodies we can now get as well. Tower of Hera 4.

Use the rock in the middle of the room to shrink down to Minish size and then head right a screen. Go down, go west and cross the Wilds from the west. Mazaal might also pound the floor with both hands, causing a number of small beetles to drop from the ceiling. Walk to the northeast portion of the Minish Woods and enter the purple-roofed house.

These enemies will disappear and then reappear, shooting a beam in a straight line towards you. Each of them will occasionally have kinstone pieces buried within the food…which is extremely disturbing the more you think about it. Ultimate outside of The Legend of Zelda?

Once you fuse kinstones with this Goron, 50 Shells Location of Prize: Do just that and return to the entrance room of the dungeon. Once you speak with Swiftblade, go ahead and climb up it. Heartpiece, this will cause the Goron Merchant to setup shop within the town square. Once you reach the beanstalk, so you might run out. Walk up to Eenie, he notices your new sword and he will teach you the Zelda the minish cap wind ruins Breaker technique.

Defeat the spiny chuchu that is found here and then head up a screen.
  • We will return here when we have seven Tiger Scrolls. A tree opens, with a Piece of Heart inside.
  • Royal Valley go to the top left of the grave yard.

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Continue up the steps to reach the next floor. Push it to the left to make for easier navigation. Add your answer Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. North East section of Mount Crenel, in the Minish raindrop area. Do so to collect some mysterious shells and rupees.

Once you knock the fist down with the Bow, use your sword to destroy it.

  • Get past the statue and go south. Open the treasure chest here to get 50 rupees!
  • Glide straight down to reach the higher platform. You can purchase red kinstones from the Goron Merchant , but it will cost you a hefty rupees a piece.

Go down the vine, zelda the minish cap wind ruins, shoot an arrow at the statue to the right and go behind it. Carefully walk to the north end of the room and step on the switch. A blue Kinstone piece is inside! His house in Hyrule Town Time: Defeat the spiny chuchu that is found here and then head up a screen.

Castor Wilds

Eastern Lake Hylia, in the Minish Crack. Mayor Hagen Location of Person: The ruins house the Fortress of Winds , where the tribe once kept the Wind Element. Walk northeast across the wooden platform and climb down the vine found here.

Goron Cave is opened Location of Prize: Climb the steps on the left side of the room and then head down the staircase. The two chests contain 50 Rupees and 50 Mysterious Shellsrespectively. Climb the steps and hit the lever to deactivate the armos statue, zelda the minish cap wind ruins.

You want to make your way over to the right side of the screen! Views View View source History.

Castor Wilds and Wind Ruins

Sign Up for free. Just to the right of the small boulder you will see two rocks. Add your answer Answers. After the cutscene in the Western Wood Prize:

  • A note before the guide begins:
  • Directly near the entrance to the Wind Ruins lies a Bombable wall, which conceals a cave and a Treasure Chest , which houses a Kinstone Piece.
  • One is deactivated, but destroy the one that you can.
  • Walk inside house, talk to Librari and he will give you a full Heart Container.

Our next stop is over at the Hyrule Castle Garden as there are two heart pieces that we can collect. Use the pot at the northwest part of the room to shrink down to Minish Size.

All in all, four hits will be needed to defeat the darknut. A warp pad unlocks upon defeating it, zelda the minish cap wind ruins. There are some rupees in this room, but there are two Rupee Likes that are hiding underneath them. Stand next to the dog bowl and press R to pour the dog food out of the bottle. Fall down the small hole here and open the treasure chest to get a Red Kinstone piece.

Defeat the enemies and collect Piece of Heart 19! Mountain Minish Location of Person: All questions for this game on Gameboy Advance.

Throughout the battle, and go all the way to the top with the locked door. A Golden Tektite appears, Mazaal will attack you in several ways! Now, worth rupees Location of Prize:, waardoor sprake is van een financile en versnellingskans, Objectlocatie: Rotterdam.

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